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Posted on Sep 19, 2009 in Family and Friends |

“Reloj’ is a damn sad song. It’s a bit of a family song, though. As memory serves, this was my grandmother’s wedding song, which, funnily enough, has some of the saddest lyrics I’ve ever heard:

Clock, don’t mark the hours, because I’m going to go crazy when she leaves forever at dawn. We only have tonight for our love and the tick-tock of the clock only reminds me of this pain…

At Gecko Grill the other night, we danced and sang and wiggled our non-Cha-Cha butts to “Reloj” as though it were “La Bamba” Kids, aunt, uncle, parents, even La Gringa got her dance-on. But why this song? My grandmother had a painful life, but I when I hear this song, I think of how truly extraordinary her life was and how much of her still lives on in all of us.

Stop the clock, live has turned off. She’s the star (my grandmother’s name meant star in spanish) that lights me and without her, I am nothing. Stop time in your hands, stop clock.

…you get the picture. The most tragic song for a blessed and tragic life. We danced the other night under the stars, family all around and I smiled up to the sky, giving a wink. Time didn’t stop, abuelita, it went on, and so did your spirit.