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Halloween is Coming

Posted on Sep 20, 2009 in Family and Friends, Holidays, Uncategorized |

The Joker, originally uploaded by Thing Family.

My very least favorite holiday of the year. Well, sorta.

I don’t mind the kids and the candy (even with 1000, yes one THOUSAND) trick-or-treaters annually to our house. I don’t mind the dressing up, my kids’ endless search for the right costume or even the crazed sugar highs and lows that go hand-in-hand with 10lbs of candy my kids collect.

What I don’t like is the scary stuff. I don’t like the freaky dead people costumes, the devil costumes and the people from the crypt with bloody faces. It scares me. I don’t like mean, scary looking clowns and I sure as shit don’t want to take my kids up to the door of some freaky house with a fake body hanging from a tree from a noose.

Maybe I’m old fashioned. I liked it when trick or treating was cute and fun. I liked it when we knew the people whose houses we went to. I really liked the community of it all. We’re a far cry from that life now.

I took this photo a couple days ago at the Halloween Spirit store where my son and I went looking for costumes. He literally ran away from it and then didn’t want to find a costume to wear for himself because he was so scared of the masks and axes and noises coming from around the shop.

I’m not going to boycott Halloween, but don’t come to me if you think scaring the shit out of my kids or me is your idea of fun. We’ll have our annual chicken chili and play Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin and that’s gonna be it. It’s enough for me.