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Fish Stinks

Posted on Sep 22, 2009 in Food |

When I was a kid we ate fish on Fridays (or, if we got lucky, Filet ‘O’ Fish from Mackers). It wasn’t that I disliked fish, it was that I absolutely hated the smell of fish that lingered in our house for two days. And worse, the smell of cleaning products lingering over the top of the fish smell. Ick.

I make fish a couple times a week at home, but I absolutely refuse to do the nasty fish smell in our house. I bake or grill our fish only. No exceptions. I don’t care if there isn’t a crusty skin top or a quick pan fry that makes fish taste so yummy and oily. Nope, bake the sucker. Trust me on this one.

Baked Fish

What you need:

Glass Pan
Tin Foil
Sea salt
Fresh herbs
Panko Bread crumbs
Olive oil
Halibut, Sea Ball or other white fish

What to do:
Put foil in pan, Pam on foil
Rub fish in oil, then mixture of salt, crumbs and herbs
Fold foil over half of fish
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes

No smell:
Serve fish onto plate
Take tin foil in whole and throw directly outside to your trash bin
Put glass pan in dishwasher

Trust me on this, your kitchen will smell liked warm food, not dead fish.