Stirring the pot, raising hell and rearing children in the Bay Area

Posted on Oct 20, 2009 in Friends |

Disney Digital Books hosted a couple dozen mom bloggers/Twitterers tonight for a pitch about their new digital kids books collection. The pitch was classic social media pitching complete with event hashtag, plenty of schwag and some heavy hitting VPs pitching the product.

I really enjoy events like these because it’s a place I know well. I’ve been the one pitching, I’ve been the PR handler on the junket, I’ve been the pro writer. Hell, I’ve even been the caterer. But the best part of this particular event was the women who were in attendance. A lot of moms have covered the pitch this week from DC to NY and our event in Palo Alto. I doubt they saw any group as tech savvy and internationally focused as we are, though. This event wasn’t a bore for the sheer purpose that the women covering the event were so awesome, clever, intelligent. Now that’s a GNO that I can get into!

In a life that involves homework, PTA and playdates, it’s a great reminder of who I am.