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What’s on Your Mind?

Posted on Dec 8, 2009 in Rants |



Facebook, the modern necessity of communicating with family and friends, is about the only thing in the world that always wants to know what’s on your mind. It’s like the perfect guy: always wants to know what you’re up to, will tolerate stories and girlfriends chiming in to support your blabber. It appeases our need for attention and curbs lonliness. Afterall, at least Facebook always wants to know what’s on your mind.

But do I want Facebook on my mind? I’m not so sure the feeling is mutual.

Facebook to me is a necessary evil. Its mass reach potential gets the word out to my family (yes, even my mom, my brother, my aunts and cousins) and friends about life events. It keeps me up with theirs. It put the daily happenings of others in the forefront of my narcissistic mind. Facebook fills the need for me to communicate in a 1>many environment.  But is Facebook a place to tell the world what’s on my mind? Not so much.

My Facebook friends include high school friends who tormented the shit out of me, whom, with few exceptions, I don’t really give a good-gosh-darn what’s on their minds. My little Fbook gives me access to work colleagues too. And quite frankly, I’m not really into what’s on their minds unless it has something to do with our industry. And if I care enough, I’m already pulling in the RSS on their blog, follow them on Twitter and likely see them in person. So why do I care what’s on their mind?

As for what’s on my mind, that’s another story all-together. If you ask @la_gringa, there is always a laundry list of things on my mind. I’m not sure that Facebook will ever be my personal place to share what I’m thinking about. Facebook friends are people I already know, have known or wish I didn’t know anymore. Messages on Facebook are crafted. Groups to join are intentional. Interests are deliberate. That, I would argue, isn’t what’s on my mind, it’s rather what I want to communicate. What I want the world to know, to see, to believe.

If you want to know what’s really on my mind, you can find it about 15 times per day when I spout it off on Twitter . A state of mind is fleeting, a Facebook status is face time. Totally different in my mind. Twitter is truly a microblog for me. It’s my place to be naughty, silly, angry, funny. It’s a place to be real. Want to know what’s on my mind? Follow me in 140.