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150-Calorie French Onion Soup

Posted on Dec 18, 2009 in Family and Friends |

My favorite winter soup recipe is a French Onion soup done with almost no fat and very low calories. It’s not a traditional French Onion since I’m going for the lowfat, low carb stuff.  It takes awhile to baby the onions, but it’s worth it for the richer, sweeter flavors. When slicing the onion, cut into thin long strips, not chunks or dice. This recipe serves about four big bowls or six appetizer-size portions.

8 sweet maui onions (the small ones have more flavor)

2 red/purple onions

1 yellow onion

2 T. olive oil

1 t. butter

1 qt. beef broth or stock (clear)

1 qt. chicken broth or stock (sometimes I use veggie stock instead)

2 c. dry red wine

Fresh thyme, salt, sugar, coarse pepper

4 slices sourdough bread, cubed and toasted (I salt them too)

4 slices Alpine Lace lowfat swiss cheese

Put oil and butter in heavy pan and melt. Add onions and cover in oil/butter. Add about two tablespoons sugar and salt and let the onions sweat for 40 minutes, stirring and babying frequently. We want them carmelized but not crispy or dry. Add wine and keep on low heat for about 30 more minutes. Once the onions are drunk and sloppy, add the stock and bring to a boil. Remove any impurities from the top. Reduce to a simmer again. Add fresh thyme, pepper, salt to taste.

Put broiler on high. Pour soup into bowls evenly distributing the onion and broth. Put croutons over the top add slice of the swiss cheese over that. Put under broiler until cheese is bubbly. Hint: I usually dab some other form of cheese onto the croutons for another layer of flavor.

Serve immediately.