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24 Days, 0 Tweets

Posted on Dec 9, 2010 in Family, Friends, Rants and Raves, Featured |

24 Days, 0 Tweets

Last December, I took a vow of radio silence from Twitter for 17 days, and although I did find some peace in being untied to my iPhone, I also found that I missed online engagement more than I’d expected. This year, I’m upping the ante, and going Twitter and Facebook-free for 24 days to try and understand more about how social media tools truly impact the life of someone who works in the business itself.

Neither of my top clients — ┬áthe paying nor the offspring variety — are doing anything on Twitter or Facebook over the next three weeks. So why should I? What can I learn from the online community that I shouldn’t be learning from the people and magic and family that surrounds the holidays in my own home? And what is it about my world that is so important and exciting that I need to disengage from it to broadcast to the world? I’m guessing, not much.

My motivation last year was a $100 credit to Anthropologie from La Gringa if I was able to keep the vow. I don’t have a carrot yet this year. I better think about that.

Now there are logistics to keeping me completely off of Facebook and Twitter for over three weeks. I don’t have self-restraint, so I’m going to have to remove all temptation.┬áHere is how I plan to do it:

1. Remove all social media monitoring tools from my desktop (this is no small task).

2. Remove Tweetdeck and Twitterlator Pro from my iPhone.

3. Go to and set my preferences to not receive any alerts to my mobile device (that’s cheating!)

4. Go to Facebook and set my email alerts to none.

5. Remove FB app from my iPhone.

6. Leave a post/tweet of the day I will be returning (this is mostly for work stuff)

What do you think? Think you could do it? I challenge you to try.