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Oh for the Love of the Food Gods

Posted on May 20, 2011 in Europe |

Oh for the Love of the Food Gods

THE MEAL! Wow! Eureka! Holy religious experience!

Cafe du Marche did not disappoint. Ava and I had crisped duck leg with roasted potatoes and salad with dijon vinaigrette. What an amazing meal topped with espresso and bits of kids merengue.


Later, an apricot flan. Oh man.

We walked along the Rue du Cler full of cheese, bread and pastry shops. I didn’t buy anything — yet.

Our day just kept on with it’s magic. From there we took a long strolling walk navigated first by Carter, then by Ava to Luxenborg Gardens with stops at a children’s book store, window shops, a baguette break and purchase for Ava at a costume shop for a Hermione Granger costume.

We walked everywhere. The kids took turns navigating the map and I took photos. We saw some amazing places and some not-so-amazing places. The kids hated the Champs Elysses (who wouldn’t?) and they much preferred the London Tube to the Paris Metro. Right now, I happen to agree.

I am eating my way through Paris and I must stop! Lemon merengue tart, flan, crepes.

Tonight we went to some touristy spot that I thought wasn’t touristy. My meal was great but I had no idea what it was — ground veal with bechamel sauce? Dunno, but my stomach is throwing a fit.

The highlight of the day was watching the kids play in Luxenborg Gardens — that place is unreal! Such beauty. Wow. We plan to go back tomorrow. Everything is Paris is so different when you have kids. I like it much more.

I hadn’t planned on cooking this week but everything is so rich in price and calories that I might head to the grocer store tomorrow for some food that can give my poor fat-filled body a break.

The wine– mostly Bordeaux — has been light and good. No one has been drunk yet. Hey now, that’s a plus.