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Sunday Play in Paris

Posted on May 22, 2011 in Europe |

Sunday Play in Paris

Sherry and I couldn’t wait to pop out of bed and go by ourselves to the patisserie for morning rolls. We found a beautiful little shop with gorgeous pastries. We bought two petite croissant and two croissant natural and strolled back to the apartment.

Today is Sunday wo we’ll head to the park instead of anything else since so much is closed on Sundays. We’ll go first to Luxenborg Gardens then maybe to Parc d’Acclamacion or another few we want to play in. Hoping today will be low-key.

I’m sitting by the window in our apartment writing with the remains of breakfast and cold french milk brimming my glass, the sun is shining on my back, the kids are also writing in their journals. I can hear Paris behind me calling: COME OUT AND PLAY, SILLY GIRL.

11 p.m.

I won’t remember today, tomorrow or maybe it will be the day I’ll never forget.

A stroll through Montparse on a Sunday for us meant stumbling on an open market with live music. We spontaneously bought cheeses (brie, whipped goat and Manchego). We found a patisserie and got two baguettes that were still warm from the oven. The kids hopped and skipped and ran with the bread in their arms yelping, “It’s still waaarrrmm!” the whole way down the cobble streets.

We found our way to the gardens in the Louvre and had a picnic there.

Later, we walked our way through tiny streets toward Luxenborg Gardens for the third day in a row. The kids played and we drank coffee from porcelain cups in the park right outside the kids play area. It was Sherry’s first-ever coffee at the ripe old age of 37: she loved it. Especially the little ginger cookie that came with it. Oh Paris, you are showing us how to live well.

A marionette show, a race car drive between the four of us and a soccer playoff game took the rest of our day.

We found ourselves later walking through the Latin Quarter where I bought a pair of classic Parisian espadrilles — bright red with a little bow.

Dinner was somewhere random in the Latin Quarter with a prix fixe meal of onion soup and whole fish. Ava ordered escargot and loved it. We saved a shell for her and named him Eduardo le Escargot. Dessert was the eyeballs out of my fish — my children are rockstars.

We found free wi-fi and in front of the Pantheon, did Facetime with Mom and Dick. We were jumping up and down when we saw them! We tried to show them the Eiffel tower in the background, but the connection was slow. Later Carter said he was homesick for Granddad and Grandma.

Walking into the sunset streets we found ice cream and street crepes. Later we ducked into the bar near our apartment for tea and cognac. Everyone is happy. Everyone is tired.

So glad we have an apartment. Being able to do laundry, make a home base and hang out is so worth it.

Tomorrow: the Louvre from the inside.