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Wandering Paris

Posted on May 22, 2011 in Europe |

Wandering Paris

Rough night of sleep.

We got up and headed toward the islands. We left the kids in the apartment while we wandered across the street to the grocery store looking for breakfast food. One can only eat so many croissant. The kids highlight of the day was that we found them Rice Krispies.

We spent the day walking through the islands – one so crowded and touristy and the other not much better. Carter was having a day. You know, the kind where you are seven-years-old and are tired. So we bought a ball and headed to Luxenborg gardens again. The kids played until the park closed and we played soccer in the park past 8 p.m.

Tired and hungry, we went in search of dinner and ate at a busy little spot in Montmarte but the food was good. The kids had navigated us during the day using the street maps to get around. We had such a great time watching them work out direction and spacial relations, and everything written in French. Ava’s French accent is really quite good!

I had chacutterie for dinner, a happy break from the heavy French cream and butter. Earlier I had an Italian coffee that reminded me of the best coffee in Australia. It was perfect.

The kids and I are finally getting used to the time change and we’re on schedule again. We finished our night with a Nutella and banana crepe from a street vendor in Les Halles.