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Forget the [Infographic]

Posted on May 25, 2012 in Family and Friends, Featured |

Forget the [Infographic]

I love Infographics — quick little pieces of information, quirky and clean. There’s always something more interesting about data when it’s wrapped around pretty graphics and bold statements. For believers like me in first impressions, five-second-glances and elevator pitches shorter than a trip to the first floor, Infographics make marketers lives full of yummy nothingness.

But the problem with Infographics is simple: They don’t say jack. They don’t do jack. They don’t sell your brand or your story. What they do is entertain. Unless I missed the marketing class on entertaining consumers with nothingness, Infographics don’t belong in a marketing plan, they belong in marketing materials. Infographics are take-aways — think of them as eye candy for your message. Does eye candy sell?

Show me an Infographic that sells a brand and you’ll find a convert in me. Data Visualization has been around since long before I cranked-up my early Power Point templates, but the difference is the spend. An Infographic requires marketing spend that startups just can’t afford. Show me a startup that extra funds to support data compilation, graphic design, print costs, social media distribution and I’ll show you a startup that’s got questionable spend.

My Pinterest of Infographics here:¬† — I didn’t say I wasn’t interested in them, just that I wouldn’t waste my startup marketing budget on creating visual displays of randomness.