Stirring the pot, raising hell and rearing children in the Bay Area

Who is Garza Girl?

Garza Girl

In our family, we call our women, The Garza Girls.  We’re passionate, family loving, smartypants women. We know how to shoot a bebe gun, bring home the bacon and host a dinner party  so good It’ll knock you on your bum. We’re educated, witty and full of as much class as we are of mischief. We’re loving and loyal to a fault.

I’m a ninth-generation Garza Girl, raising twin 10-year-olds. I’ve been around the block in Social Media long before it was a catchphrase, and part of brand teams and tiger teams before it was cool to have names for those kinds of things.  I’ve spent the past seven years running Threxy, an online incubation company focused in building online businesses and advising others how to do the same.

I lead by my gut in all things from work to home — I’m a trained chef, a runner, and a photographer. The parenting gig is a lot more fulfilling than I ever thought — having kids is like running the ultimate start-up without the exit.