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F-Off Cancer

Posted on Jan 24, 2011 in Friends |

F-Off Cancer

I always knew cancer as the big scary C-word. My dad’s best friend was a hard-living smoker, drinking wild cowboy type and died of lung cancer at 40-something. But moms with cancer? F-off. That’s not fair. Over the years, various cancer devils have sunken lives of friends and family, but none has broken me until this year.

My family and friends with cancer are ass-kickers. They are true take-no-prisoners type women. I don’t feel sorry for them. It seems irrational, incomprehensible that in my 30s (still for another few weeks), I can have friends who are in remission from very serious cancers, two that are still fighting like hell, one that moved onto his next life, one that is cured and several that are not. What the F? Stupid f-ing cancer.

Susan’s latest post about feeling lucky as she plows her way into the first days of a new, experimental treatment, was one of the most inspired I’ve ever read. I sent it to the women I know — not for sympathy for Susan, but in hopes that they too, surrounded by cancer as we all are, would see what living means.

If you want to know what true living is like, read WhyMommy’s written work or participate in her brainchild, working to give ¬†Lymphedema Sleeves to cancer patients. You can leave a comment on several blogs where friends of Susan are donating $1 toward Cricket’s Answer, the organization working with Susan to provide needs to women with breast cancer.

Hey Susan, all the way from California: No Princess Fights Alone.

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The Art of Living to Die

Posted on Oct 8, 2010 in Friends |

My neighbor Uwe died today following one of the most extraordinary living deaths I could ever imagine. If there was any way to be jealous of the end of a life, this would be the one.

Every day for the past two weeks, I kept my front door and dining room doors open hoping to catch a glimpse of Rita or Uwe walking slowly down our street. A week ago he went by as I stood on my balcony folding warm white laundry. We talked about trees and wind and warm weather in October. He wanted to see some houses on the other side of town. Off he went.

As they strolled away, I said, “have a wonderful stroll.” That was the last time I saw him.

Sherry and I are thinking of Rita almost¬†constantly. Her sadness…

And we think of Uwe every moment of this week, believing certainly that he’s already rustling in the trees somewhere beginning a new adventure.

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All the Good I Can Muster

Posted on Oct 4, 2010 in Featured, Friends |

All the Good I Can Muster

All the Good I can muster goes one street over and down the block a bit to my friend Rita and Uwe’s house. And there you’ll find good company of people sending all the good they can muster to a family losing their dad and man this week.

It’s hard to focus on work or fun or even on iVillage happenings. It could have been us, one street over and down the block when my mom fell ill in the same hospital at the same time as Uwe earlier this year. It’s so close, it’s too close. It will be us someday, but not today. These are Uwe and Rita’s days.

I think about them every waking hour. I send every ounce of peace and happiness I have inside me one street over and down the block a bit.

Won’t you join me? One street over and down the block… all the goodness you can muster for a man who’s ending one journey and beginning another.

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Posted on Oct 20, 2009 in Friends |

Disney Digital Books hosted a couple dozen mom bloggers/Twitterers tonight for a pitch about their new digital kids books collection. The pitch was classic social media pitching complete with event hashtag, plenty of schwag and some heavy hitting VPs pitching the product.

I really enjoy events like these because it’s a place I know well. I’ve been the one pitching, I’ve been the PR handler on the junket, I’ve been the pro writer. Hell, I’ve even been the caterer. But the best part of this particular event was the women who were in attendance. A lot of moms have covered the pitch this week from DC to NY and our event in Palo Alto. I doubt they saw any group as tech savvy and internationally focused as we are, though. This event wasn’t a bore for the sheer purpose that the women covering the event were so awesome, clever, intelligent. Now that’s a GNO that I can get into!

In a life that involves homework, PTA and playdates, it’s a great reminder of who I am.

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Sacred Heart Community Center Needs 1000K Backpacks — now

Posted on Aug 3, 2009 in Friends, Seasons |

It is almost time for Pack-a-Back 2009 and we don’t have all the supplies that our neighbor children must have for the coming school year. We need your assistance collecting these critical supplies.

Every year, we register 1,500 children for this program. This year, due to the great need in our community, it was with great pleasure that 1,740 children were guaranteed a backpack on August 14th. At a time when state budget cuts have deeply affected children’s services, and impoverished children are constantly disregarded, we need your help to achieve this audacious goal!

We will be collecting backpacks and school supplies until Friday, August 7th. Any items can be dropped off at the Sacred Heart donation station , 1381 S 1st St, in San Jose.

Our most critical needs are backpacks, scientific calculators, notebooks, and subject folders. Read our brochure for a full list of what each backpack will contain. Or you can donate directly to Sacred Heart for this campaign.
Any school supply donation or financial donation will directly impact the lives of the children. Your contribution, especially right now, is greatly appreciated.

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In Contrast to Thing 1’s Food Habits This Week….

Posted on Jun 26, 2008 in Friends |

BFF has been crazed going from therapy to therapy with the our Tobin. Today it even included baby jars filled with foods he is allergic to in order to desensitize him from them. After desensitization comes tolerance, removal of metals, and so many steps I can’t even begin to understand. Interested? Try Jenny McCarthy’s book… it’ll give you some serious hope and perspective about food allergies and the Autism Spectrum.

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Acupressure, Behavior, you name it.

Damn that kid is going to be alllll right.

Now if BFF could just get one night’s rest.

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