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An iPhone only a Mother Could Love

Posted on Sep 10, 2009 in Family, Friends, Rants and Raves |

I’ve broken three, er, four, iPhones. It’s a mom thing. I give my phone to kids to shut them up while chatting with a pediatrician; I bribe them with newly downloaded games if they go to run errands with me; I buy time waiting in lines all across Silicon Valley with a tiny little thing called The App Store.

Big deal,  I’ve cracked a few iPhones. I only completely mangled a couple of them. And, I’m sure you’ll agree, it wasn’t my fault.

I organize my iPhone to manage my life as a mom of two 6-year-olds while trying to still keep my hand in the career cookie jar. I manage three pages of apps based on needs. And I purge. I gots me no time to be scrolling through pages of apps in order to write a note to myself. Hellno, Evernote, you’re not my friend. Same goes for you, efficiency apps. If I have to use an app for efficiency, then I’m just not efficient enough.

Here’s how I order my world:

Essentials Page

iphone apps

iPhone Apps

My calendar for playdates, appointments and to see if @la_gringa is working late.

My Pandora has only two things on it: Mozart Radio and U2 Radio, both are used for physical therapy only.

Twitter is my pass-the-time app, followed by Yelp, where I’ve learned to look up almost anything on the fly. I wish you could post reviews and photos from the Yelp app, that would be helpful.

I use Wikipanion more than I thought I would. My kids ask me something at least once a day that I have to look up on this app. Easy, actually. Addictive, even. LoseIt! is my very favorite app. I track every single thing I eat, every single day.  If you don’t have LoseIt!, , you should, if nothing else but to manage your wine intake..

Mommy’s Page

iPhone Apps

Google is Google. Even as an ex-Yahoo, you gotta do the Google app. It’s basic and reliable.

Notes for me are all I need. I have tried half a dozen note-taking-jot-it-down apps. At the end of the day, I don’t need much other than Notes. I email them to myself. Done. Easy. Mom-manageable.

milk jugsNow comes the glutton. I love the newly released Flickr app, even if it doesn’t allow me to work within my Groups yet. I’m sure it will (hint, hint). I’d also like to view pictures in the Flickr app in full size. Polarize is my favorite toy — It makes photos look like this >>>>

I have the sex offender registry here too. Don’t roll your eyes, one of these creeps lives a football field away from us, another two dozen within a mile. I look it up when we’re traveling and especially when we’re on a weekend getaway in an area we don’t know well. A girl’s gotta know…

Kids Page

iphone app

I keep games to a minimum and try to change them frequently. I also go for games that are non-competitive, non-violent and have relatively instant gratification. I also really try hard to not pay for kids apps. I like the Free ones so I can keep the flexibility of changing things around frequently without guilt that I didn’t get our money’s worth.

Lightsaber. Okay, fine. It’s not for the kids. Moving on.

PacMan Lite. Um, see above. Next.

Waterslide is a great kids app. It’s funny and short enough. It has entertained kids from 2-12 on my phone. Not bad.

Bug Spray. Don’t laugh! It doesn’t work, I know, but it’s a fun conversation starter.

Translator I use for Spanish. My kids are in Spanish Immersion and I think it’s key to be able to translate stuff immediately. I love this translator; it’s quick and short. I caught my son trying to cheat on his homework with it.

What are some other good Momapps? I’ve put Whole Foods on and off my phone. The recipes just aren’t easy enough to get to (and they’re a bit too easy). I’d like knock-knock jokes. I’d love to see Common Sense Media have an app too. Loopt is still in the back of my mind, but still thin in content for a family always on the move like ours is.

Apps I want to build are endless. Tonight: one that acts like LoseIt to track my kids’ Computer/TV/Video Games time/day.

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Five Lessons for Michelle Obama from the First Lady of Class — My Mom

Posted on Nov 9, 2008 in Family and Friends, Politics and Rants |

Dear Michelle,

I don’t think there are words to describe how we feel about you being the next First Lady of the United States of America — I can’t imagine how you must feel.

I had a dream about you last night. In my dream, I was at my mom’s house, and you were at the kitchen island having a glass of wine. My mom was laughing, you were laughing. Your girls were playing with Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the backyard. My parent’s house, always warm and welcoming, was filled with more of the same. You were one of us.

I asked what you were doing there and you said you were getting advice from my mom. I nodded and walked out of the room. Of course you were getting advice from her, who wouldn’t?

I woke up smiling. My mom has spend decades advising, guiding, leading top women in business and life. Her lessons have guided dozens of famous and near famous, powerful and influential people. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. There is always a storm. You will be looked to to be the calm that sees the cloudless sky off in the distance. However quietly, subtly, you must guide the ship in the right direction. Be the calm in the storm, mama always told me.

2. No one cares as much about anything you are or do as much as you do. So, the dramas of life are only what you let on. Don’t bother feeding into drama. It’s a waste of time.

3. Never curse. Never. It is simply not ladylike. Always be a lady.

4. Women are generally not truly liked by other women in business. In most ways, they are more competitive than men are with one-another. Use your wit, your mind and your smile to defeat threatened women.

5. You are a mother. There is nothing greater than this. Work/life balance is easy to attain when you’ve got that straight.

You will never read this, but mom will. And it was a cool dream. And I’m still trying to master these top five lessons from the First Lady of Class.

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dear god

Posted on Sep 15, 2008 in Family, Friends, Rants and Raves, Politics and Rants, Rants |

Dear God,

I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for the awesome summer and the incredible kidlets and and family. All’s good down here. Kindergarten is fine, except for that one little hiccup on the second day of school and we’re really loving Spanish Immersion, even if the kids can’t understand a thing, but hey, they didn’t understand a word at their Hebrew preschool either. Leg-up, I say.

Anyway, the house is good, even though the disposal and dishwasher don’t work which is kind of a mind-trip since this is only my third week as a nearly stay at-home mom. Are you testing me, God? Because I think you won the last round when I didn’t know how much bleach goes in the wash and poured it all over my khakis (stay at home moms wear khakis).

Thanks, God for the awesome job you worked out for La Gringa. She really loves it. We now truly embrace the goodness of mobile porn like never before. But trust in her, truly, that if there is entertainment beyond porn to be found, La Gringa will make it happen. Before you know it, those booby videos will be slapstick somethingruther instead and that will please you, I’m sure.

I’ve got one small request (well, beyond helping me figure out the whole smudges on the baseboards thing), can you please, since she claims to speak to you in tongues, go tell your loyal follower Sarah Palin to step off my jock? In fact, can you help her find her way to, um, I don’t know, Russia (since she can see it from Alaska), or even um, something a little more up her alley, like how about Steve Irwin’s old job? She could be the Barracuda Hunter. She’d like that. And so would I.

Oh and one more thing, God, I think you’re cool for doing this whole Women Can Have it All thing. It’s really been an eye opener, um, sort of. WWMMD (What Would Mary Magdeline Do)?


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Feeling Right at Home

Posted on Sep 8, 2008 in Family, Friends, Rants and Raves |

I’ve been waiting until I truly felt something to write about the kids first weeks in school, my seismic shift to being at home all the time, the advancements of La Gringa’s work beyond our little company. There’s been so much inspiration everywhere, just none that has sprinkled its dust on my urge to write.

My mom — having been a mother, a senior executive, philanthropist, paralysis and war survivor, wife, sister, friend and role model — has said for years:

Women can have it all, but not all at the same time.

I’ve never agreed with her, until now.

Somehow in the midst of female powerhouses from Dara Torres and the US women’s soccer team to Hillary, Michelle and yes, even Sarah Palin, I’ve suprised myself that my sole focus has been CEM (Chief Executive Mommy). Now all the women I just named are working *and* raising kids, and maybe they’re better at the multi-tasking thing than I am, but I’ve never been so certain that I am finally exactly where I should be — home.

I completely got off today on finding this Mr. Clean thingy that gets rid of wall scuffs, and tootled around the house getting rid of marks on my walls while blasting the TechCrunch 50 (#tc50) through the wireless speaker system in the house. I’ve shot off a few emails to clients, potential clients and past clients with ideas that have recently popped up that I have been unable to muster for months; and amidst the confusion of figuring out the mystery of laundry darks and lights, I’ve managed to flesh out a couple of business ideas I’ve had on the back burner forever. I even had time to RSVP yes to my first-ever PTA meeting for tomorrow night moments after chit-chatting with a VC buddy of mine about a business plan I was asked to read.

So yeah, I’m scaled back… waaaaay back in one job and ramping up like a fiend in the mom gig, but I’m liking the balance, I’m liking how much more creative I am when the pressure is less intense, I’m amazed at how much I truly, truly enjoy my time with the kids and how nothing comes close to the feeling of doing this job well.

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