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My Day in 140

Posted on Sep 16, 2009 in Uncategorized |

It’s that point of the night where you realize you haven’t done the one thing you have committed to doing beyond the stuff you’re supposed to do.

So here was my day today in 140 character bits (and no, this ain’t cheating):

  1. Bunko night. God no, I’m not playing!

  2. Just got locked out of my house and barefoot.

  3. Son thinks senator from SC should get yelow carded.

  4. Me: “Son you’re at the tail end of this flu.” Son: Well it’s a really long tail, then. Like a 500-mile dinosaur tail.”
  5. I failed. No flu test. The County is running out of tests.
  6. I dream of sleepful nights, tooth-brushed kids, clean laundry and a small butt. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
  7. Why is it so hard to get my kid tested for the flu?
  8. FOX NEWS ALERT: Bones found on Garrido property by investigators, no indication bones are human or animal.
  9. RT@GabrielCarrejo RT@shoemoney Kanye West just interrupted Patrick Swayzes funeral to let everyone know Michael Jacksons funeral was better.
  10. Fifth visit to the pediatrician in two weeks
  11. Man boobs alert!!!!! Sound the siren!!!!!
  12. “This sushi is better than the best pot of mac’n’cheese,” says son to sushi chef. Indeed, I really liked Cha Cha sushi.
  13. Son re: lady with tree in neck on CNN: “Well she won the ‘I Should Have Died Instantly But I Didn’t’ contest!”
  14. Son is acting out all Ben 10 aliens while in the toilet in Target. Amusing all potty goers.
  15. She knows that I love food more than I love her. Well, it’s a tossup anyway
  16. There’s monthing better than slipper bread with @lepainquotidien. Nothing, I say.
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